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Managing Partner (CEO) 

Mihail Malkov has worked in private equity in for over 25 years. He is the founder and a managing partner of Essedel Group. Mr. Malkov has been responsible for sourcing, investing, monitoring and exiting several portfolio companies. Mr Malkov is fluent in Finnish, Russian and English. He has also a proven ability to manage the various stages of the investment process, wide experience of board positions, good negotiation skills and many years of experience in private equity business environment.


Andrei Novitsky has been active in private equity as well as legal advisory work in Russia and Scandinavian countries for more than 20 years. Prior to joining Essedel Capital Partners Mr. Andrei Novitsky was a legal counsel in one of the largest private equity groups in Scandinavia responsible especially for the fund formation and investment compliance related questions. Prior to that Mr. Novitsky worked for over 5 years as a legal counsel in a law firm specialized in Russian market advising on the numerous M&A transactions in Russia and elsewhere. Andrei is fluent in Finnish, Russian and English and has good knowledge of Swedish language. Due to his history in legal advisory work both in Russian and Scandinavian markets Andrei is also responsible for the structuring of the Fund and its investments in cooperation with the outside advisors.


Ekaterina Petrova (Elizarova) has an extensive experience in financial consulting at such international and Russian consulting companies as KPMG and Financial Consulting Group (FCG) where she has been working since 2007. She was involved as project manager in financial modeling, asset valuation and financial due diligence. Her main projects were financial models and business valuation of companies operating in agro, telecom, media, retail, pharmaceutics and other sectors of Russia and CIS.
Ekaterina joined Essedel team in 2011 and was involved in all projects and performed wide scope of works including due diligence, modelling, analysis and financial control, preparation of presentation materials. Ekaterina was a member of the board in portfolio company.
Ekaterina holds diploma with honors of mathematics at Moscow State University


Investment Director

Irina Jakovleva is a formidable member of our team with investment experience of over 20 years. Irina also serves as director in our investment companies.

Advisory Board Member

Mr. Linnakko has had an extensive career specifically in health care, IT and technology in both domestic and international arenas. He has worked full time with Russian companies since 1989, although his active involvement with Soviet Union began much earlier in 1975.  In 1989, as an employee of Sitra, he began to specialize in Russian technology transfer and private equity. Mr. Linnakko was a key person in establishing Norum Ltd and in founding Norum I and II, private equity funds targeting Russian markets.
In addition to his Norum involvement, Mr. Linnakko has participated in establishing an EBRD sponsored Uzbekistan Post-Privatisation Fund in 1998 and a private IC fund for Central Europe in 1999 with Sitra and 3i. He has also advised Russian Duma in developing legislation for private equity and venture capital. Mr. Linnakko is one of the founders of Russian Venture Capital Association and served two periods on its Board.

Advisory Board Member

Mr. Ramm-Schmidt is senior partner at Merasco Capital Ltd, an investment bank specializing in mergers and acquisitions. He is one of the top CEOs in Finland and sits on several boards of directors.  Prior to joining Merasco, Mr. Ramm-Schmidt was CEO of the brewing corporation Baltic Beverages Holding Ltd (BBH). Between Mr. Ramm-Schmidt joining BBH in 1997, and the end of 2006, the company beer sales rose from 300 million litres to close to 5000 million litres, and the Russian market share from 16% to 40%. Under his management BBH became the market leader in Russia, the Baltic countries, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and one of the leading breweries in the world.



Advisory Board Member

Mr. Salonen has had one of the most reputable and successful careers in Russian banking sector. Up until recently Mr. Salonen served as the deputy chairman of the Board of Savings Bank of the Russian Federation (Sberbank), which is the largest financial institution in Russia. Prior to joining Sberbank he was President of Renaissance Capital Investments, a leading Russian investment bank and President of the Board of Management in International Moscow Bank and held various positions in the Russian and foreign banks since 1979.

Advisory Board Member

Mr Widomski has exceptionally distinguished professional career in the Finnish industrial history. Having served major part of his career in Nokia, Mr Widomski was one of key players to lead Nokia to a great success. The professional career of Mr Widomski includes such position as Senior Vice President International Trade Affairs in Nokia Corp.
Mr. Widomski’s complete fluency in such languages as Polish, Russian, Finnish, English and German as well as his exceptional multitalented skills have enabled him to establish outstanding international network. His extensive network in Russia is beyond compare ranging from top politicians on city and state level to top business managers. Mr. Widomski was the Chairman of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce for 6 years and member of the Board of East European Trust Plc. After retiring Mr. Widomski is still active in advising Finnish and international companies in their international business and regularly acts as a guest speaker in international seminars on international trade, cultural issues and related topics.



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